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poet, model, muse 



I am Keevah Simone, a companion, artist, and sensual adventurer in the Calgary area. 
Standing 5’6” I am  blessed with all-natural 34’ DD’s. I have a quick wit, easy smile, and I love to laugh as much as I enjoy engaging in intimate conversations. I am a natural redhead, so my skin is silky white and lightly dusted with freckles. My eyes are bright blue and always smiling. My body is a smooth hourglass shape and beautifully toned from dedicated exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

I am lucky enough to have spent my formative years a stone’s throw from the Rocky mountain range. The proximity to so much wild and untamed beauty has profoundly influenced my lifestyle and personality. I am in love with adventure, exploration, and expanding my mind through study, conversation, and tasting all that life has to offer.

I firmly believe that attraction begins in the mind, regardless of where it may travel afterward. Therefore, my mind is one of my most valuable assets. I am well-read, elegant, and an excellent conversationalist. This means that I can accompany you anywhere, without you having to worry about raised eyebrows. There are few things more satisfying than an intellectually stimulating conversation, although, I can think of few....

I intend that time we spend together will leave you breathless, satisfied, and daydreaming for days afterward.

Now that you know a little about me, I would love to begin our engagement by getting to know a bit about you.

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Keevah is shamelessly sexual yet not "dirty" if you can understand the difference. Truly one of a kind.

-CAF Review 2018

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