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See my Twitter @keevah_simone for my current schedule
Remember that I am a low volume provider which means that booking in advance is strongly recommended. 

Spring Special
%15 off all Services. 




Intimate Interlude 

Spend an hour or two with me in my sunny DT studio! An exhaustive list of services would be impossible for me to provide. But, if you give me an idea of what you would like to do during our time together I can let you know if that is something that interests me.

 //  1hr -  $360
//  1.5hr - $540
//  2hrs -  $600

Social Time  $200 per hour



Desire high, wild, and most free. ​
Let it consume us until we are shaken apart, and meaningless. Lost to sensation. I want to taste your sweat on my skin. Come over now lover, I will let you in.

// Afternoon Delight  3hrs - $800
// Date Night 4-5hrs - $1000

//  Day trip 8hrs  - $1600
// Overnight 6pm-10am - $1800
// Weekend Fri-Sun  - $3000


Intuitive Touch 

Touch is an indispensable element of human nature. We need to feel each other skin to skin. It is good for our hearts, our minds, and our bodies. Enter my sanctuary and surrender to an hour or two of tantric bliss. Each session will begin with a shower, end with a shiver of pleasure, and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. 
 // 30 min - $150
//  1hr - $200
//  1.5hrs - $300
This is a sensual body work session companion service are not provided during this time.



Virtual daydreams now available
I have a lot of indirect ways to make your day better.
Become a member and you will get access to my naughty videos, stories, and all kinds of other loveliness.

Intimate virtual sessions 
Half Hour - $60
One Hour - $120

Custome videos
$5 per min

Sexting With Pictures
$25 15min

$50 hh 


Looking to connect? Let me keep you company

Daily texting
$25 light flirting & check-ins 
Let's catch up!
Phone conversations
$50hh $75hr 
Social video chat
Any & all expenses will be covered by the client including travel, shopping, lodging, food, entertainment, activities, etc. Payment is required in full before we leave the city of Calgary for our adventure.
For over-night (8+ hours) or multiple day bookings (including travel), please contact me - it's always good to discuss expectations in person.
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